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Technology Predictions for 2020

Every year Dejan Milojicic, a well known IEEE volunteer , former president of the Computer Society and Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs, try to herd a clowder of cats (technologic cats) to come up with predictions on what technologies will set a mark on the coming year. The result …

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The near Future of Augmented Reality – IV

4.  AR powered solutions for the enterprise Google Glass were aimed at the mass market but they were probably too soon too little (both in content and in battery power). Additionally, they generated a strong wave of potential privacy violation concerns that contribute in their marginal uptake. However, several professionals, …

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The rise of Digital Twins

Fifteen years ago at the Future Centre we worked on the idea of a “digital shadow”. We though that as bits were more and more able to “mirror” atoms we would see a growing creation of bit images, virtual images if you want, in the Cyberspace. Having a virtual image …

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Industry 4.0 and Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

General Electric is working to make AI an integral component of its industrial processes, from design (and co-design) to production (and co-production) to operation (and co-operation). Notice the (co-) part. It is an important aspect that moves GE into industry 4.0 and it is notable that they are looking at …

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