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Present and Future of Communications

The new IEEE COMSOC Technical Committee Newsletter is out and you can read it here. It contains a number of very interesting technical articles and a short, candid,  interview I gave on the present and future of communications. Whilst the articles may need a bit of technical savvy to be …

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WiFi 6 is rolling

The WiFi 6 standard, IEEE 802.11ax,  is now supplemented by the certification program (issued by the WiFi Alliance, important because it ensures interoperability of devices) and WiFi enabled devices are starting to appear on the market (iPhone 11 and Galaxy S10 have WiFi 6). What is most important is that …

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6G will follow 5G, that much we know – II

Of course, 5G is much more than the radio part and spectrum efficiency/use. It has a lot to do with network and service architecture. It is through a novel architecture that much lower latency can be achieved. It is the novel architecture that support the session management at the edges, …

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The larger the bandwidth, the smaller the workforce?

Verizon has increased steadily the capacity of its network and the capacity offered at the termination points over the last decade and it is investing to continue doing that in the coming one, mostly through 5G and its supporting core network(s). In parallel Verizon workforce has decreased steadily, losing 80,000+ …

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