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AR and VR shopping: a peek at the future

Shopping is partly “need” partly “fun” (and for some, partly” compulsive”). If it is a response to a need any technology that can help in taking a decision would surely help the customer. If it is for fun any technology that can increase the emotional feeling will be a hit. …

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Groceries from the sky

Next week, on Wednesday Sept 16th, Walmart will start delivering groceries, flying actually, to people in North Carolina living within a 6 miles radius from their store and having a backyard garden to receive the groceries from the sky. The service will make use of drones provided by Flytrex, an …

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A robot can carry your groceries

The French Supermarket chain FranPrix is testing robot shopping delivery in the XIII Arrondissement in Paris. Their plans are to start running the test first  with three robots in one of their stores that will be helping people with some movement impairment (hence having problems in moving stuff from the …

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The Husbands’ Pods

The news is not “new”, it was on newspapers a few months ago, but it came back to me as we are going from the Black Friday to the Cyber Monday. A shopping bonanza that is shifting from brick and mortar retail store to the cyberspace. It is about a …

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