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Shall you tip a robot?

Technology is affecting us in many ways, including the restaurant “etiquette”! Suppose you are being served by a robot, would it be polite to tip or, being a robot, just skip it?  I guess there has been very little discussion on this since restaurants using robots as waiters are very …

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Robo-waiters from Dallas to the World

Robo-waiters are not a novelty. What is new is the environment and perception change brought up by the epidemic. In some areas we are having shortage of human resources in others we are seeing restaurants’ customers feeling uneasy to have to interact with waiters risking contagion. More important, possibly, are …

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Megatrends for this decade – XXXV

a) The future of work is now, or isn’t it? In the past year we have seen, and possibly contributed to, a momentous shift in the way of doing business, courtesy of the pandemic and of related countermeasures taken by governments all over the world. Not even the world wars …

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Shall I tip the robot?

Robots are entering the Chinese restaurant scene. Robot-waiters, robot-cooks, robot-cleaners have made their appearance in China restaurants and several signs seem to indicate that they are there to stay. In Kushan city, watch the clip, there is a robot welcoming you and taking you to your seat, another will promptly …

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