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Connected Health

The trend towards continuous monitoring of our healthcare through ambient and wearable sensors is more than a trend: it is becoming reality. It is also a step towards the digital transformation of healthcare. This is what I see when looking at statistics like the one published by Park Associates on …

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Smart Bandage

If you ever had direct or indirect experience with chronic wounds (wounds that are very hard to heal) you know how complex is the monitoring, as well as -quite often- how painful for the patient the removal of bandages, the cleaning of the wound and its medication. Now a team …

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Tele-Health is picking up

The future of healthcare is going to be characterised by proactivity (take action before symptoms are experienced by the person), personalisation (cure custom designed for that particular person, taking into account her genome, the way of living and the place of living) and remote / continuous monitoring. This latter has …

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Macro changes ahead – IV

4. Healthcare The whole Healthcare system is on a journey of change learning to leverage on data. The Digital Transformation, DX, of healthcare started slow, in spite of the huge amount of data available, because of the sensitivity of the area where the wellbeing of a single individual may become …

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Getting a little help from AI

I have always been amazed by the ability of radiologists to pinpoint a problem by looking at those black and white RX! It turns out that it takes years of experience to get the knack, seeing what we don’t see at all. Medical doctors in general rely on radiologists expertise …

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2025 Outlook: Healthcare

The amount of technology used in healthcare is huge, and growing. As shown in the graphics there is a relentless surge of new technologies that are advancing all aspects of healthcare. Significant progress over the coming 3 years is expected on (in order of shorter deployment horizon): Digital Health Insurance …

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AI: a game changer in Pharma

Quris is an Israeli company (it is also based in Boston, US) betting that Artificial Intelligence can help to dramatically shorten the time to move drugs to clinical stage. Most drugs fail the clinical trials (up to 89% fail, according to Quris): if we think that the overall cost is …

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