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3D printing ears

3D printing of tissues, bones and even (part of) organs is not a first. What is notable is the continuous progress being made in this area that is now maturing to let doctors recreate a missing (or damage part) of the body starting from that person’s cells. 3Dbio Therapeutics is …

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Nanobots patrolling wounds to fight infection

Approximately one year ago a joint research team of Shenzhen and Barcelona universities published a paper on liquid metal nanobots that could be used in biomedical applications. The nanobots were designed to be able to carry a variety of molecules and, driven by enzymes, take those molecule to a desired …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XIII

Healthcare is an industry with a complex infrastructure and plenty of equipment. Think about hospitals, medicine design and production, care centres … It is also an area that is very sensitive in terms of privacy and crucial for the well being of the single individual and of society. Last but …

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The future is already in your ears

Earbuds have become so tiny and light that you can forget you are wearing them. For some, they have become an integral part of their “persona”. Let a few years go by and the broad adoption of aural augmented reality (getting augmented information through sound and voice, seamlessly, through earbuds) …

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What’s the prognosis? Ask AI.

Researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina have developed and tested an AI system, based on deep convolutional neural network -dCNN-, on real patients hospitalised with Covid. The system used lung CT scan to rank patients on a severity scale predicting hospitalisation time, the likelihood  of deterioration leading to …

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A deep twin for your heart

I had recently an interesting discussion with people from Dassault on the topic of using Digital Twin in healthcare. Dassault has significant experience in Digital Twins, they have participated to the creation of a virtual Singapore using Digital Twins in modelling and simulation of several processes (and infrastructures) since 2015. …

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Turning to apps for Healthcare

The shift towards remote healthcare supported by software applications seems to be unstoppable. The pandemic has clearly steered adoption in areas like remote consulting, remote prescription, first level self-diagnoses (or better awareness on symptoms that might require medical assistance) The graphic, I took it from an interesting McKinsey report on …

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Personal Digital Twins: Personal caregiver

A strong force in the consolidation of Personal Digital Twin (in the sense of digital model of a person) is coming from healthcare “in the large”. In the previous post in this series I have reported the Neurotwin, a digital representation of the electrical activity of a person’s brain and …

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Personal Digital Twins: Neurotwins

A first, and rapidly growing area of Personal Digital Twin is focussing on the creation of a model of the physiology of a person, how that specific body “works”. This is clearly important in healthcare, be it for assessing the impact of drugs, detecting early signs of malfunction (and generating …

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