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Ready to lick your screen?

At a time when we are told to wear a mask, wash our hands carefully the idea of licking a screen at a restaurant doesn’t seem to be in synch with the time. Yet, this is the idea, actually more than an idea, coming out of Tokyo Meiji University: want …

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Cooking your next steak with laser

We have already seen robots that cook, like Flippy -cooking hamburgers-. Now a team of engineers (word of cautions, in general the engineering category is not the one you would think of as expert cooks) has decided that tech can change the cooking procedures for good. Why place food in …

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What can I print you for dinner?

Using 3D printed to “produce” meat is not new. We have seen several companies cultivating animals and plants cells and then printing them into what looks like meat. Usually what you get is meat that can be used for hamburgers or, in more advanced cases, as steaks. Now scientists at …

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Amazing how much software is behind a turkey

According to SAP, as reported by Forbes, 52 million turkeys end up in US kitchens oven to cheer Thanksgiving festivity. I am impressed by the number and I should say I feel a little sad for turkeys (however, I do understand that every single day we collectively eat -worldwide- over …

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