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Renewable Energy is reaching a tipping point

The IRENA Renewable Power Generation Costs report 2020 has just been published (June 2021) and it shows some very interesting data: in the ten years from 2010 to 2020 renewables have moved from a nice to have from an environment impact viewpoint to a must have from an economic viewpoint. …

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Megatrends for this decade – XI

10. Globally abundant, cheap renewable energy The use of energy has been a trademark of humankind, from the taming of the fire to the invention of ways to harvest hydropower and wind-power (mills). Yet, form most part of human history the amount of energy used has been negligible. The industrial revolution …

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Storing energy may become much more affordable

Technology, both the one used in solar panels and the one used to produce solar panels, keeps getting better, meaning that solar panel are increasing their efficiency (convert more light rays into electricity – today’s mass market solar panels have an efficiency around 20%, the very best, but also very …

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The quest for unlimited, renewable, energy

Our quest for unlimited renewable energy is actually a quest for methods (practical and affordable) to tap onto the Sun light bathing our Planet, every single day. This involves capturing it, converting it, storing and transporting. All of these aspects have to be addressed. We have created (and applied) many …

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Where is the USB socket on the tomato plant?

Over ten years ago researchers studied microbial fuel cells MFCs. These are cells that use microbes to produce electricity. Microbes as part of their metabolisms split molecules and out of this split electrons are mobilised. Since then several progresses have been made and the first practical applications are now being considered …

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Disruptive Technologies beyond 2030 in the Data Ecosystems III

Diagnostic Toilet The ubiquitous presence of sensors and more generally IoT in the coming decades makes continuous monitoring of health parameters possible. Already today we see a number of companies providing services to monitor health parameters, taking advantage of smartphones since they have sensors, processing, storage and communications capabilities and …

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