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Getting a little help from AI

I have always been amazed by the ability of radiologists to pinpoint a problem by looking at those black and white RX! It turns out that it takes years of experience to get the knack, seeing what we don’t see at all. Medical doctors in general rely on radiologists expertise …

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Education and Training Metaverse

These last two years have seen millions of students, and million of professionals, taking courses on the web. Remote education has become a way of life for many creating issues to both students and teachers. The basic, and most common, approach has been to create a communication link through the …

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Teaching AR vs Teaching through AR

5 billion smartphones and tablets provide a huge platform to deliver augmented reality content everywhere to everybody. The growth and pervasiveness of high speed communication infrastructures (wifi, 4 and 5G) plus the huge storage capacity of devices (acting as a local solution where connectivity is not available) is another enabling …

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College Degree or Google’s degree?

For the last 20 years I have heard, and been involved to a certain extent, the complain from industry on the education delivered by college and university, particularly in technical areas. According to several voices in the industry the new engineers where not sufficiently qualified to be productive in the …

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Welcome Moxie!

After the success of Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner of the last decade, Paolo Pirjanian -former CTO of iRobot the manufacturer of Roomba, joined forces with Maja Matarić, USC robotics professors to create a successful social robot. The keyword here is “successful”. We have seen quite a number of social …

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The near Future of Augmented Reality – X

10.  Education AR in education should be a no brainer. Indeed, several companies have started to us AR to improve training effectiveness. As mentioned in a previous post, several companies like Boeing, are  leveraging AR for remote assistance. This is a form of training on the job and it is …

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