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Driving 1,000km on a single battery charge

Electric cars are becoming a concrete alternative to many prospective buyers. What is hampering their widespread adoption is the refuelling issue: fewer refuelling (recharging) points long time to fill her up short autonomy range Each of the above is an issue per sé, but making one better helps in decreasing …

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Automotive: disruptions ahead – I

That the whole sector of automotive is heading towards a disruption, is a given, no one is disputing it. Opinions may differ on when, surely not on its occurrence. Actually, it will not be a clear cut thresholds rather a fuzzy area experiencing and accelerated rate of change: shift from …

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Immersive connection on the move

Cars are getting smarter, thanks to investment being made by car manufacturers. However, the Digital Transformation of cars is opening up new doors, and new opportunities, to companies that are not manufacturing cars but are expert in the digital world and they are most likely to be the ones that, …

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