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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XXIX – Logistics

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) are becoming more and more common and the FTI’s report foresees a significant increase in their deployment in the logistics, most notably in warehouse automation. However, as their flexibility increases and cost decreases, we can expect to see them used in …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XXII – Sustainable homes

One point raised in the FTI’s report is the one of a possible change of paradigm, form “forced obsolescence” to “prolonged life span” for appliances and devices in our home. The theory, and practice, of “forced obsolescence” goes back to the increased production capacity that required industry to sell more …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XVII – Healthcare DX

Digital Transformation of Healthcare Until 2019, in the pre-Covid era, Healthcare was lagging behind several other sectors in terms of Digital Transformation. The music sector as well the travel sector were well ahead, and even the manufacturing sector was considered to be much more advanced than healthcare. The pandemic did …

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