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Responsible AI

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives. It is so intertwined and widespread that most of the time we do not realise it is there. You take a picture with your smartphone and it automatically decides what to focus on. Well, that “automatically” requires AI that inspect …

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Towards Symbiotic Autonomous Systems

I am pleased to announce that the special issue of the Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems, edited by Okyay Kaynak and Francesco Flammini has been published. It makes for an interesting reading if you are working in the area of autonomous systems, as well as …

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Post-Pandemic Megatrends eBook

Few months ago I wrote a number of posts discussing Post-pandemic Megatrends, leveraging on discussions I had as part of the Industry Advisory Board of the Future Direction Committee of IEEe and of the report of the Future Today Institute. I revised the posts based on comments received and more …

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