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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XVIII

 The future of Digital Twins remains to be written, although what is going on now and what is going to happen in the coming 2-3 years is pretty straightforward.  DTs are a reality in manufacturing and their use will further expand to cover more equipment and processes. The association of …

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Personal Digital Twins: Memes 2.0 – VI

Personal Digital Twins, as I envisage them, have the power to transform our progress in Artificial Intelligence into Intelligence Augmentation (IA). This is a very bold claim but I am not alone. I took the graphic from an interesting, very forward looking, article discussing education in 2110. Of course talking …

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Ready to outsource your brain?

May be it’s just me, or the fact that I am too old to embrace new ways of doing things. Yet, when reading of ones of Google’s Area 120 experimental products I cannot help but feeling unfit for this brave new world! It is about a “bot” that can replace …

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