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Responsible AI

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of our lives. It is so intertwined and widespread that most of the time we do not realise it is there. You take a picture with your smartphone and it automatically decides what to focus on. Well, that “automatically” requires AI that inspect …

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Cognitive Digital Twins in a Smart Factory

In these last few weeks I have been working on the preparation of an education course that will be published by IEEE on the topic of VR and AR roles in Smart Factories. Smart Factories (has anything that can/should be labelled as “smart”) involve knowledge and being a factory an …

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Xenobots, Living Machines

As technology progresses our established categories lose their well defined borders. We are seeing this happening in many areas, and in many cases this brings new ethical questions to the fore, Think about the fading boundary between life and death: a person physical processes can be kept operating thanks to …

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