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A glimpse on 2025 – III

5. Friction-less communication Digitization is now everywhere: our world of atoms is cresting a parallel world of bits at an unprecedented rate: some 1.7 Mbyte per person per second! This figure includes everything, data created by taking a photo with a smartphone, songs, mails, tweets, design of industrial components, tracking …

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Metaverse vs Omniverse

Facebook is changing its name to Metaverse to highlight the vision of a future that will be lived in the cyberspace (along with life in the physical space). Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, along with sensors, displays, artificial intelligence and Digital Twins, are the enabling technologies. The road towards a …

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The Internet of Senses

Ericsson has published a short report (sort of commercial for 5G) on “Hot consumer trends in 2030“. Let me say, transparently, that I would place that more in the realm of imagination than in the one of science, closer to fake news than to news (even the graphics used have …

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5G: picking up steam or slowing down?

The Ericsson Mobile Report June 2020 is out and it makes for interesting reading. Clearly one should keep in mind that Ericsson perspective is the one of a company that need the equipment market to pick up steam as soon as possible… Here the points that I found notable: The …

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