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Can economy grow forever?

We have been living all our lives through a period of economic growth (with a few, short, recession here and there that were considered an exception and something to get rid of quickly). Hence, our perception is one of a natural economic expansion. Most economists state that an economic expansion …

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The pervasive impact of Biotech – II

Our environment is what, in the far away past, gave rise to life and life in turns transformed it, sometimes creating the condition for new types of life to appear (cyanobacteria led to the oxygen atmosphere we have today that fostered the appearance of more complex life) and quite often …

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Megatrends for this decade XXVII

19. Focus on sustainability and environment Natural resources have been out there to grab and once they were no longer needed (nor the resulting craft they resulted in) they were discarded in the least costly way. The emergence of an environmental awareness and  of a sustainable use of resources is …

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Printing KFC nuggets?

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken for the few of you that may not recognise the brand, has announced a partnership with 3D Bioprinting Solutions, a Russian company, to create their chicken nuggets using an industrial 3D bioprinter able to produce mass quantity of chicken meat… without using a single chicken! The …

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Planning for the New World – VI

Restoring the Health of the Environment That this insignificant species called Home Sapiens Sapiens is having an impact on the planet is no longer debatable: every hour humankind is destroying 18 million square meters of forest with agriculture being the leading cause; 750 billion tons of CO2 are exchanged by …

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