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AR to Augment winning chances at poker

Augmented Reality is great, no doubt about it. It let us merge the digital with the physical space. The problem today is that we are missing “tools” that can make this bridge seamless. Sure, I can use my smartphone (and I use it from time to time) to get a …

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Digital Transformation: Impact on Jobs – III

In March 2019 the OECD published a report “Preparing for the changing Nature of Work in the Digital Era” analysing the various impacts of digitalisation on current work activities. It pointed out that 14% of jobs may disappear as processes and activities (particularly “white collar” activities) move to the cyberspace …

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5G is old stuff, let’s look at 6G!

As marketeers are busy extolling the virtues of 5G as the ultimate wireless system filling all of your needs and all of your dreams (and Operators are busy deploying and upgrading 4G!)  a few people are already looking at a new generation aiming at “filling the gaps between 5G promises …

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Would you care for a memory boost?

Science fiction is about to be superseded by science. Have you ever dreamt of downloading a book content in your brain (particularly a book you had to study at school) saving you the time of reading? I bet you did. Now, we are not there yet, but what seemed to …

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