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Get ready for a new acronym: SLBESS

Electric Vehicles are expected to increase in number through this decade possibly equalling the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) in terms of sales by 2030 and overtaking them from then on. This will require a tremendous increase in production of batteries and given a few more years a huge issue in …

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Trains with no wheels

Bullet trains have circulated on rails for some decades now, starting in Japan on October 1st 1964 in time for the Tokyo Olympics. After that first bullet train, Shinkansen, we have seen hgh speed trains expanding in Europe and more recently in China. The first bullet train, still in operation …

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Manufacturing in the cyberspace

Design in the cyberspace is a reality since many years now. First it was the use of CAD to create a digital model, then tis digital model was shared with the supply chain to design components. Nowadays several platforms operating in the cloud allow co-design of a product by having …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XL – Energy 2

In the previous post I discussed the expected evolution of batteries for EV, particularly with respect to their life time, a factor impacting the overall cost of operating the car (as well as the management of battery waste, the shorter their life span, the more waste to manage), The second …

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From fill her up to power her up

Last December (2020) a draft document prepared by the European Commission indicated a target of 30 million electric vehicles on the European roads in 2030. Transportation contributes for 1/4 of greenhouse gas emission and 30% of CO2 emission in Europe. The 30 million electric cars figure is considered a “must” …

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We can do a lot, but we need to be forced to do it!

Sustainability is a good thing, nobody would deny it. We hear a lot of talking about sustainability, at political leve, at marketing level and on newspapers/media. The truth is that we have polluted the planet, as any other species starting with the massive pollution created by cyanobacteria that 2.5 billion …

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