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Work is a robot’s business

The World Economic Forum has published its 2018 Future of Jobs report, that makes for an interesting reading. The horizon is at 2022 (with some forecasting at 2025) and it contains some interesting considerations. The report is based on interviews to key people (top executives and HR heads) in several …

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What would education be like in 2050? Gig Economy

So, let’s assume that we can have a digital twin of our “self” that is mirroring our skills and knowledge. This (our) digital twin is a component of the symbiotic autonomous system digital twin. How can it be leveraged in association with the symbiotic digital twin? Knowledge and skills are …

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What would education be like in 2050?

Let’s get this square from the beginning. Talking about 2050 is a nonsense if you try to make social prediction. It is fun, but it is not rooted in science. There are so many factors at play that we do not control. However, it might be useful to make some …

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Education leveraging on 5G

Very recently the Ministry of Education in Italy has “promoted” the use of the smartphone in classrooms, recognising a positive role they can play in education. This is a strong signal of change in Italy, and it is mirrored in several other Countries, recognising that technologies can make education more …

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Canon is moving manufacturing back to Japan

In a recent announcement Canon indicated the plan to build a manufacturing plant for its single lens reflex digital camera in Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan. This is the first plant being built by Canon in Japan since 2010. Since then Canon moved its manufacturing to low labour cost Countries, like …

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