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Looking at history from a GDP perspective

I recently read a book, “The Silk Roads” (yes, in the plural) by Peter Frankopan. I found it really interesting since it looks at the history of the world, from the very beginning of historical records, from the point of view of economics, showing how economic forces have steered politics, …

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Megatrends for this decade – V

4. Age of Capital Abundance The global increase of wealth is creating a capital abundance that together with money dematerialisation, online transactions, market accessibility and funding platforms facilitate access to capital. Crowdfunding, see first graphic, is an example of the power of access to distributed capital. Notice that although this …

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Megatrends for this decade – I

The ongoing pandemic was nowhere to be seen in 2019 (although several people in the previous 10 years have been warning that one pandemic was due -statistically we get a major one every 100 years) and hence it was not taken into account in laying forecast for the incoming decade. …

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Looking at the Future through the Past

I run into an article on The Economist that caught my attention. I was actually looking at the kind of global progress we have experienced as mankind in our history and it is good to see that we have made incredible progress in many areas, life expectancy and wellbeing, education, …

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