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Autonomous Systems in Transportation

Autonomous systems in transportation can be segmented in public transportation systems, car rental and sharing systems, industrial (goods) transportation and private transportation. They can be further segmented in ground, air and water transport. Overall the autonomous systems market in transportation is expected to reach a global value of 172.3 billion …

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Drones growing market

Yesterday I listed some drone applications in farming. In preparation of the third White Paper in the Digital Reality Initiative we are also considering the variety of drone applications as part of the drive towards autonomous systems. Here are a few data about current and expected market for drones in …

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Smart Agriculture

Italy, as most Countries in the world, used to be a country of farmers and farmers were at the same time considered “dense” and “field-smart”. We even have a saying in Italian about the “intelligenza contadina” -farmer intelligence- meaning a kind of intuitive grasp of reality, been smart on concrete …

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The drone landscape keeps growing

The 2019 drone market map is out and it shows a strong growth in many sectors.  It may be interesting to compare the 2018 map with the new one. We have a new category, drone-in-a-box, pointing at the growing interest for fully autonomous drones (taking off from a box and …

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