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DT evolution in Manufacturing – I

In these last few weeks I have been preparing for the webinar I’ll be giving tomorrow, as part of the EIT Manufacturing Tuesday from Future. I came up with a syntheses of the work that has been done within the Digital Reality Initiative that I feel can be of interest …

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Cognitive Digital Twins: Ethical and Societal Impacts

In September 2021 I had the opportunity of giving a webinar with Patrick Henz and Derrick de Kerckhove discussing the emerging technology of Cognitive Digital Twins -CDT. CDTs are sort of Digital Twin, embedding knowledge snd able to “execute” that knowledge. The word “execute” is the crucial one, setting CDTs …

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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – V

Having discussed the meaning of Digital Transformation for a company, institution, that is already operating in the cyberspace the next step is: How could it be designed and, most important, executed? Moving from warehousing to consulting requires acquiring, and growing a knowledge of the “customer”. IEEE, as an example, has, …

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2025 Outlook: Workforce III

Among the points I discussed in the previous point there is the one of seeing the workforce, and the individual employee, as a service provider. What matters is the delivery of tthe service, not “what” is used to deliver it, whether a physical person or a machine/software. What a company …

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Would you like a virtual museum experience?

The availability of virtual reality -VR- technologies has prompted several museums to go on-line (that is obviously possible without using VR, but VR can provide an immersive experience that is not available by just browsing the web through a screen) to offer a much wider audience the possibility of experiencing …

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