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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – IV

The next years will see a growing impact of distributed knowledge, where “distributed” refers both to knowledge owned/embedded in humans, in organizations and in machines. In a way this is nothing new, what is new is the seamless access, actually co-presence of this distributed knowledge to the point where it …

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Megatrends for this decade – XLI

Distributed knowledge shared by humans and machines Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more pervasive and able to pick up a number of activities that up to now have been carried out by us (humans). This is the “automation” part of the story and automation is no longer restricted to …

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Megatrends for this decade – XXXVIII

Forces reshaping work in this decade The acceleration of the Digital Transformation resulting from the pandemic and the changing way of working cannot be used as a measuring stick for what may happen to work and workforce in this decade. In the short term it is obvious that pandemic had/has …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – XI

Leveraging Distributed Knowledge As Digital Transformation becomes more pervasive the value of the cyberspace will increase, as part of the value rooted today in the world of atoms shifts to the cyberspace. Tools to manage data (platforms, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, Digital twins,  AR/VR) already make up a …

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Distributed Intelligence, distributed knowledge

Gartner has just issued a press release stating that only 20% of today’s workforce has the knowledge needed to do their job and to foster their career. The study is focussing on companies involved (or that should be involved) in the digital transformation, where Gartner noticed that 70% of the …

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