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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XL – Energy 2

In the previous post I discussed the expected evolution of batteries for EV, particularly with respect to their life time, a factor impacting the overall cost of operating the car (as well as the management of battery waste, the shorter their life span, the more waste to manage), The second …

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Digital Transformation – Disruptions

The Digital Transformation with its resulting loss of value (it opens up newer value creation opportunities, as well, and I will consider those later) disrupts business affecting incumbent players and opening the doors to new ones. Disruptions can have different roots that may be difficult to pinpoint. Sometimes it may …

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Digital Transformation – The loss of value

In the previous posts I made some unpleasing statements, like the fact that the Digital Transformation is decreasing the overall value of a value chain, by increasing its efficiency and eventually moving the benefits to the end consumer that will be paying a lower price. Obviously, if the price is …

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Digital Transformation in Health Care – V

In a previous post I considered internal specificity (genome, proteome, metabolome), now I am going to look at the external factors that need to be considered in precision health, starting with the Microbiome, a sort of a bridge between the internal and external specificity. Microbiome Our body is composed of …

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The convergence of Humans and Machines

Technology is not just evolving our machines, it is creating a bridge between us and them. Bio-Interfaces are enabling seamless communications between our body, our mind, and machines. This is clearly being exploited by better prosthetics that fit naturally to replace a lost functionality as well as future prosthetics that …

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