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Digital Twins fueling the Digital Transformation

Mevea published a very nice article on “The Digital Twin Journey: a smooth pathway to Digital Innovation”. It is surely worth reading. Taken for granted that adopting the Digital Twin paradigm (get more commentaries on Digital Twins by searching for them on this blog) is increasing an enterprise efficiency along …

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Digital Transformation – Scarcity vs Abundance

The Digital Transformation everybody is talking about today is fuelled by advances in technology, mostly transducers –i.e. sensors and actuators- and semantics extraction tools –i.e. artificial intelligence supporting data analytics. The reasons why industries and institutions alike are interested in the Digital Transformation, however, is based on economics. The Digital …

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Integrated Visual Augmentation System(s)

At the end of November 2018 Microsoft has won a 480 million $ two year contract to create a virtual environment for US Army soldiers based on Hololens technology that may result in the use of 100,000 VR headsets by US Army to train soldiers, rehearse the battle field before …

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