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Smart Autonomous Ships

Intel and Rolls Royce have announced a collaboration to create a world wide system to support autonomous ship navigation to make commercial shipping safer and more effective. The oceans are huge, and seas are quite broad too, so it would seem that autonomous navigation shouldn’t be such a big issue. …

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Digital Twins take the train

Digital twins are becoming more and more pervasive, I know, yet I was surprised seeing one loaded on a train in Verona. As you can see in the photo I took there was a yellow container with the sign: “Rail 3D Asset Digital Twin”. Intriguing. I did some investigation on …

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AR taking the upper hand on VR

Virtual Reality appeared as concept back in the middle of 1980ies and thanks to the amazing progress in processing capacity (highly needed to create artificial images) and in wearable devices has found a few niches, mostly in gaming with some application in design and manufacturing. Augmented Reality came a bit …

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Work is a robot’s business – II

As shown in the figure, taken from the WEF 2018 Future of Jobs report infographic, several jobs are expected to decline over the coming few years affecting some 73 million people in the world (affecting means people losing their jobs). The good news is that 133 million people will find …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body IX

Enhanced Intelligence and digital hardware enhancement We are the expression of our genes. However, this expression is influenced by a variety of environmental factors. Take the ability to play piano. Yes there are some people that are more inclined to music (musical ear we say) but it is unlikely that …

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When cows go to the cloud

This is nothing new, it is about an Indian company, Chitale Dairy, that back in 2015 started to use technology to improve farmers’ herds health, resulting in more milk being produced and increased farmers’ wealth. After 2 years they are managing over 200,000 cows in the state of Maharashtra through …

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