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From Digital Reality to Reality – V

The reasoning I have followed has pointed so far to the evolution from a reality “out there” to a digital reality that is being created and that we can perceive in various ways using technology. Furthermore, as technology becomes more and more advanced, both in the creation and in the …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – IV

I pointed out how the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative foresees a seamless “adsorption” of the cyberspace –and of smart machines- in our perceived reality space. Actually, the Initiative foresees a convergence that results in a symbioses of humans and machines but if we look at this from our –human- standpoints …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – II

A parallel FDC IEEE Initiative, started at about the same time as Digital Reality, the focus was on the augmentation of machines that is happening at the same time as augmentation of humans (and I just finished a number of posts on that), the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative. Here the …

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Digital Twins fueling the Digital Transformation

Mevea published a very nice article on “The Digital Twin Journey: a smooth pathway to Digital Innovation”. It is surely worth reading. Taken for granted that adopting the Digital Twin paradigm (get more commentaries on Digital Twins by searching for them on this blog) is increasing an enterprise efficiency along …

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