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The economics of the Digital Transformation – VII

Digital Twins as independent economic entities Digital Twins are evolving rapidly. It started in the last decade with them being used as digital “mock-ups”, created by CAD systems. These mock-ups were refined till they could be used as digital specs for interaction with various groups in the company and with …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – V

Once Leveraging on Data The Digital Transformation accelerates the generation of data and companies are learning to capitalise on those data, sometimes clashing with fuzzy regulation and unclear definition of ownership. Take the example of Tesla. Tesla have been designed through computer modelling and this process generates a digital model …

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Planning for the new World – II

Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution We are already in the path of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the one characterised by a merging of the physical, digital and -at least for some- biological world. Personally I tend to limit the characterisation to the merging of physical and digital leaving the merging …

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