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Self-repairing robots do have a sense of self? – I

I have been fascinated by hydras since I was at elementary schools and I kept tracking the increasing knowledge researchers have harvested on these animals. Their outstanding capability for regenerating missing limbs was well known to our ancestors that created the mythical Hydra, a creature with seven snake like heads …

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What if …Reality+Digital Reality becomes … Reality – IX

Interestingly digitalisation/softwarization is happening not just at product/equipment level but also at system/network level. An airplane engine (turbine) has its digital twin, creating a digital model in the cyberspace that can be used in many ways, including the provisioning of information via virtual and augmented reality to designers, maintenance crew, …

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Technology Predictions for 2020

Every year Dejan Milojicic, a well known IEEE volunteer , former president of the Computer Society and Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Labs, try to herd a clowder of cats (technologic cats) to come up with predictions on what technologies will set a mark on the coming year. The result …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIV

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) III OK, so after having discussed the evolution of API let’s go back to the use of platforms as enabler of the shift from products to services (and ecosystems). The evolution of products is first towards flanking them with add-on services (see graphic …

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Platforms, present and future VIII

5. Healthcare platforms In yesterday’s post I discussed smart cities platforms noting the importance of privacy as in smart cities we deal with personal data. Well, increase those concerns by a few orders of magnitude and you can step in the domain of healthcare platforms. We already have several healthcare …

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