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Virtual Reality for Robots

Robots are becoming smarter and smarter thanks to a brain provided by artificial intelligence. However, this brain, as any brain, has to learn about its environment, what is the goal and how to achieve it selecting among different strategies that have to take into account its surrounding, This learning phase …

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Automotive: disruptions ahead – II

That data are going to play a major role in the future of automotive, both as tools to streamline several activities (like proactive maintenance, safety and security, traffic management and even design hints for future releases) and as a way to deliver new services (car as a service, transportation as …

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Automotive: disruptions ahead – I

That the whole sector of automotive is heading towards a disruption, is a given, no one is disputing it. Opinions may differ on when, surely not on its occurrence. Actually, it will not be a clear cut thresholds rather a fuzzy area experiencing and accelerated rate of change: shift from …

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As big as it gets: Earth Digital Twin

Last Thursday I was on a call with fellows co-authors working on a Digital Twins book to be published end of 2021. The topic debated by these “experts” was: what is the correct definition for Digital Twin. The discussion that raged for over an hour just demonstrated the old adage …

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Print your “pills”

As you grow older (I am an expert in this field!) you see an exponential increase in the number of pills your doctor wants you to swallow. It doesn’t help that as your age “improves” you are likely to become more confused and forgetful. Hence, getting at the right time …

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A platform for a Factory Digital Twin

Infinity Foundry is a Portuguese startup, founded in 2017, that is now in the scale up phase having acquired over 30 large customers that use their platform. It has recently joined the scaleup program of EIT Digital. What is very interesting in their platform is the support to a digital …

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Digital Twins’ Future

I have been asked to contribute to a book on Digital Twins, and specifically to provide a Chapter on the Future of Digital Twins. I have started to put together a few ideas and I would like to get feedback, as well as more ideas, on what the evolution of …

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Megatrends for this decade – XLII

Working with smart machines From what I have discussed it is obvious that in this decade work will be intertwined more and more with intelligent machines (Machines used to include both hard -robot like- and soft -applications). As pointed out in previous posts, artificial intelligence extends the applicability of automation …

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