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Education: disruptions ahead? – III

Symbiotic shared education The shift from owning knowledge to owing the capability to access knowledge and engage the knowledge  owner to leverage on that for the task at hand is taking us into the era of symbiotic shared education. Assuming that it will be possible to engage the required knowledge, …

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Education: disruptions ahead? – II

Basic education and just in time education The need to acquire a basic education, i.e. the capability to learn –including learning to communicate verbally and of reading  /written communications may fade away, possibly not in this timeframe but in the long run/, the capability to understand logical structures and math, …

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Testing self-driving cars in a smart cyberspace

As part of its Future Mobility Grand Challenge – watch the clip- the UK Government is funding the creation of a sophisticated ambient simulator, OmniCAV,  recreating 32 km of Oxfordshire roads, including rural and village roads. OmiCAV will be used as a testing environment for CAV -Connected Autonomous Vehicles- and it …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body VII

Life without disease In the last century health care made incredible progresses. Purified water and better food take the lion share in this progress, although they are often underestimated. Drugs, surgery (enabled by anesthesia), antibiotics and more recently anti-immune therapy have fought diseases that were killing millions of people. On …

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Growing the quantified Self

Wearables have been around for several years. They are just becoming more seamless and performant in terms of picking up, with increased precision, a number of parameters from which applications can derive meaning, like counting the number of steps we walk in a day, deriving the calories consumed and getting …

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