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Platforms, present and future IX

6. Device/product platforms: I stated in the first post in this series that a technical platform support processing, storage and communications. Now, let’s look at a smartphone. Doesn’t it support processing, storage and communications? Of course it does (and it does much more, like sensing). We often underestimate the power of …

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Building a Smart City from scratch – VII

7. Robotics Smart Cities and smart citizens. This, for quite a while, was the focus of discussion about the evolution of cities. Get ready for an additional player: smart robots. Many companies are now working to offer urban robots to municipalities, business and citizens; the European Commission has funded the …

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Digital Twins: where we are where we go – VI

Technology challenges A digital twin, as mentioned, is composed of a digital model, a digital shadow and a digital thread. Each of these has its own specific technology challenges associated. In addition, we shouldn’t forget that in the coming years a digital twin is bound to extend its capabilities on …

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Digital Twins: where we are where we go – V

Impact Digital Twins are becoming an integral part of the Digital Transformation and basically any area that can be affected by the Digital Transformation may see the application of Digital Twins. On the one hand, Digital Twins derive from the digitalization of specification, design and manufacturing processes and they are …

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Digital Twins: where we are where we go – II

There are starting to be so many components, processes and products having a digital twin that there is the interest and need in connecting them in networks (watch the SAP clip). The digital transformation makes possible to operate in the cyberspace, decreasing processing and transaction cost. Digital Twins create a …

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My smartphone, my (future) digital twin?

As of May 2018 there were some 250,000 fitness apps(!) available and more are coming as more and more everyday objects are generating data that provide hints on our wellbeing: smart belts smart shoes smart watches fitness bands smart slippers (there are even self parking slippers...) smart mirrors smart cars …

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An avalanche of best wishes

This is the time of the year when I get flooded by well wishing messages. My birthday is on January second and through the many connections I have on social networks many people are aware of that and, kindly, send me a message. I got 3,000+ connections on LinkedIn, 1,500 …

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