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The many faces of Digital Transformation – Societal Scenarios VII

Connected Healthcare The healthcare sector has been digitised (introduction of computers in equipment for analyses, monitoring, diagnoses, medication, genome sequencing …) and digitalised to a certain extent (exchange of data in various processes although privacy and standardisation issues are still limiting the exchange of several data, including the Electronic Healthcare …

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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers VI

Progressive automation of existing infrastructures Over the years and decades we have been leveraging on computer to monitor infrastructures, analyse operation and performance data and take corrective actions. As infrastructure components have become more and more flexible (computerised, smart, accessible, reconfigurable) we have gain the power to make more and …

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Digital Twin Computing

I received a comment to one of my posts on Digital Twins pointing to a White Paper produced by NTT researchers and introducing a new twist on Digital Twins, Digital Twin Computing. We are seeing a tremendous uptake of Digital Twins by industry, their adoption in the IoT framework and …

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Is it good for me?

I read a book sometime ago, “The Story of the Human Body” by Daniel Lieberman, and was intrigued by the observation that quite a few of ailments that are common today, like tooth cavity, diabetes… were not at all common in our ancestors. The reason, according to the author, is …

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Platforms, Present and Future X

7. Knowledge platforms I closed the last post touching on “knowledge” and pointing out that our smartphones, our digital twins, might become knowledge intermediators in our access to the knowledge on the web. This ties in nicely with the last category of platforms I would like to discuss: knowledge platforms. …

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