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Digital Twins for Healthcare – IV

In the next few years, I see an evolution leading to the personal use of Digital Twins representing more and more aspects of a person. There are several ways this may happen and it is most likely that we will be finding ourselves with several Digital Twins each one representing …

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Digital Twins for Healthcare – III

So let’s now focus on the role that Digital Twins and Personal Digital Twins may be playing in the Future of Healthcare. Digital Twins – a digital replica of an entity. They are used in several sectors and are starting to play a significant role in healthcare. General Electric invested …

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Create your Body’s Personal Digital Twin

Yesterday I recorded a talk for the MediRes AI Program, a free on line resources providing healthcare professionals with continuous education on the latest advance in the healthcare area. To prepare for the talk I had plenty of materials developed in the 3 years activities carried out by the IEEE …

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What will “knowledge” mean in 2050? – XII

12. Intelligence by proxy A crucial point, and a stumbling block, in this idea of intelligence augmentation (and knowledge sharing) on the human side is:  > how can a person leverage on external intelligence? that, in turns  prompts the question: > how can this external intelligence “merge” with the person …

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What will “knowledge” mean in 2050? – III

3. Knowledge contextualisation Since the invention of writing the knowledge source has been decoupled from the knowledge consumer. This, actually, was a great step forward in the dissemination of knowledge since it killed in a single stroke the space and time barrier. A parchment could be sent thousands miles away …

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Smarter airports with Digital Twins

Not sure what has got most hype among: AI Digital Twins Metaverse Looking at Google trends AI leads the pack but if you are in the technology area (or in technology affected areas like marketing) you’ll see Digital Twins being used everywhere. I just discovered that airports are applying DT …

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Intelligent Twin

I, recently, attended a webinar on the future of airports with several players, and industries, discussing how next generation technologies could re-imaging global airports (at the time I am writing this post the recording of the webinar is still available and it makes for an interesting listening). I was intrigued …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XVI

 The widespread adoption in the manufacturing industry has fostered adoption in other segments as shown in the graphic. Healthcare has been adopting DTs soon after manufacturing thanks, mostly to GE that had adopted DT technology in its turbine manufacturing and has a Health Division. More recently GE created a GE …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XIV

 The evolution of Digital Twin is happening onto 4 main directions: Extension through the product life cycle Extension in depth Extension over the value chain Extension into the business area Some industries have been using digital twins in the manufacturing phase, some in the design, others are using then to …

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