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Digital Transformation – Scarcity vs Abundance

The Digital Transformation everybody is talking about today is fuelled by advances in technology, mostly transducers –i.e. sensors and actuators- and semantics extraction tools –i.e. artificial intelligence supporting data analytics. The reasons why industries and institutions alike are interested in the Digital Transformation, however, is based on economics. The Digital …

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Immersive connection on the move

Cars are getting smarter, thanks to investment being made by car manufacturers. However, the Digital Transformation of cars is opening up new doors, and new opportunities, to companies that are not manufacturing cars but are expert in the digital world and they are most likely to be the ones that, …

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Digital Health is, slowly, coming

The amount of investment in start ups focussing on Digital Health has kept growing in the last years and, interestingly, we are seeing recurring investment on the same companies indicating that it is no longer a widespread distribution “just in case”, rather a continuous investment on few companies that show …

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Digital Transformation in Health Care – II

What is the disruption that these devices will bring? Basically it is related to the de-localization of health care, moving out from the big health care institutions, like hospitals. If you look at the map of how health care is provided today (segmented by age) you’ll see that the two …

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Digital Transformation in Health Care – I

The Digital Transformation –DT- is pervasive, I cannot imagine a single area not affected by it. However, if I would have to pick up one that will be completely disrupted by the DT and whose disruptions will affect the Society as a whole, the Individual and all what’s in between …

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TTM 2018 Overview – II

Keeping on the reporting from TTM 2018. Neuroscience and Brain The evolution of Brain Machine Interfaces is expected to progress at an accelerated pace in the coming decade, thanks to a multitude of research endeavor in many parts of the world. Work is progressing both in the area of non-invasive …

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