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Robo-waiters from Dallas to the World

Robo-waiters are not a novelty. What is new is the environment and perception change brought up by the epidemic. In some areas we are having shortage of human resources in others we are seeing restaurants’ customers feeling uneasy to have to interact with waiters risking contagion. More important, possibly, are …

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It’s Wedding Day … for my daughter

Today (although I am writing this post in advance) will be a great day for the whole family. My daughter is getting married. During the planning phase, that extended for almost a year, I had the opportunity of appreciating how much weddings have changed and how much they have become …

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The innovation gap is widening

Just finished to read the new McKinsey survey on “The new Digital Edge: Rethinking strategy for the post pandemic era“. It summarises the feedback received from top level managers of 700+ companies in various sectors. The resulting picture is one of accelerated shift towards the leverage of the digital space …

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Digital transformation of Retail

The retail sector has seen a growing shift towards e-commerce that has accelerated since the pandemic begun. Clearly the ecommerce is an aspect of the digital transformation of this sector and so far has seen the prevalence of few big players (see the graphic) although more and more companies have …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XVII – Healthcare DX

Digital Transformation of Healthcare Until 2019, in the pre-Covid era, Healthcare was lagging behind several other sectors in terms of Digital Transformation. The music sector as well the travel sector were well ahead, and even the manufacturing sector was considered to be much more advanced than healthcare. The pandemic did …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – IX – Future of work

Macro-shift in the Workforce The Digital Transformation is ongoing and it is a major force in reshaping the market, in terms of value perception -thus shifting demands- and in reshaping the way the offer is created. Both of these factors are clearly affecting the workforce in volume, in quality (skills) …

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From Beer to Bits to Beer

Over this last week end we had our youngest son visiting us: he is working at one of the biggest brewery group. He is engaged in a program that takes him to experience the various aspect of the company business, from manufacturing (brewing) to logistics, from marketing to sales … …

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An accelerated shift towards Digital Transformation

Because of the pandemic companies, and public administrations, have been moving production and services to the cyberspace (as much as possible) and this is taken as an indication that the digital transformation is accelerating. For sure what is accelerating is the perceived effects, by workers and consumers/citizens, that the cyberspace …

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Data Driven Culture

I have been involved in the last two weeks in a nice initiative by TIM to create and deliver a series of “information pills” on Data Driven Culture targeted at the whole workforce (40 thousands +). I found this quite interesting and notable. Data for a Telecom Operator have been …

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