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DX and Macrotrends 2030

Innovation Operative is a consulting company focussing on the actual execution of “innovation”. They sit with their customers to explore, together, the challenges and opportunities a digital transformation and prepare and execution plan fitting the specific domain and the needs, aims, of an enterprise. Part of their way of working …

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Truck driver: a desk job

Einride, a Swedish company operating the largest fleet of electric trucks in Europe, has started testing autonomous (electric) trucks in the US. Trucks are supervised by a truck driver sitting in an office in front of a large screen (watch the clip) that makes him feel like he is actually …

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Outlook 2025: where are we? where are we going? – I

5 years ago, back in 2017, I prepared a graphic summarising the expectations of several industry leaders I contacted, directly and indirectly through members of the Industry Advisory Board of the IEEE Future Direction Committee. The questions those leaders were asked to answer were prodding their feelings on the relative …

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2025 Outlook: Workforce II

As the pandemic is slowing down (at least its worst consequences thanks to massive vaccination) companies are considering the roll back. Many have already asked their employees to go back to work in presence (and, at least in Italy many strongly objected!) others are planning to return to work on …

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2025 Outlook: Healthcare

The amount of technology used in healthcare is huge, and growing. As shown in the graphics there is a relentless surge of new technologies that are advancing all aspects of healthcare. Significant progress over the coming 3 years is expected on (in order of shorter deployment horizon): Digital Health Insurance …

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2025 Outlook: System wide automation – II

The Digital Transformation, DX, is moving a growing part of enterprise processes to the cyberspace. This shift has accelerated during the pandemic and companies had to “patch up” their processes to have them working in the cyberspace, This has led to increased automation, system-wide, to integrate tools and humans (employees) …

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Robo-waiters from Dallas to the World

Robo-waiters are not a novelty. What is new is the environment and perception change brought up by the epidemic. In some areas we are having shortage of human resources in others we are seeing restaurants’ customers feeling uneasy to have to interact with waiters risking contagion. More important, possibly, are …

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