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From Digital Reality to Reality – VI

Time to do a bit of recapping. I started by noticing that Digital Reality, made possible by technology evolution and its adoption, is creating a new world in the cyberspace, something that was clearly “artificial”. In a little while two forces have started to blur this separation: The easiness of …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – V

The reasoning I have followed has pointed so far to the evolution from a reality “out there” to a digital reality that is being created and that we can perceive in various ways using technology. Furthermore, as technology becomes more and more advanced, both in the creation and in the …

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A pervasive Family Tree

Some 15 years have gone by from the complete sequencing of a human genome (April 14th, 2003) and we now have around 1 million human genomes sequenced (there are many companies in the sequencing space and it is difficult to have an accurate figure; besides not all genomes are completely …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – III

The new Initiative launched by FDC-IEEE capitalises on the results achieved by the afore mentioned Digital Reality and Symbiotic Autonomous Systems and it is called Digital Reality: Fostering and leveraging the ongoing Digital Transformation. The Digital Transformation is affecting most businesses, many paths of life and is transforming our perception …

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From Digital Reality to Reality – II

A parallel FDC IEEE Initiative, started at about the same time as Digital Reality, the focus was on the augmentation of machines that is happening at the same time as augmentation of humans (and I just finished a number of posts on that), the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative. Here the …

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Uhm, is this a photo?

Lots of excitement on April 10th as a team of scientists released the first ever photo of a black hole. The news has leaked through the media but still something was unexpected. It was not the black hole in our Galaxy but one in the M87 galaxy, farther away from …

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