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Cognitive Digital Twins: Ethical and Societal Impacts

In September 2021 I had the opportunity of giving a webinar with Patrick Henz and Derrick de Kerckhove discussing the emerging technology of Cognitive Digital Twins -CDT. CDTs are sort of Digital Twin, embedding knowledge snd able to “execute” that knowledge. The word “execute” is the crucial one, setting CDTs …

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Spotting veins using AI

Technology is providing a helping hand to medical doctors and healthcare operators. One area is helping in finding the veins of a patient. Normally nurses (and doctors) do not have any problem in finding a vein in the arm to draw blood or inject drugs. In a few patients, however, …

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Virtual clothes, real money

OK, we are “living” more and more in the cyberspace, as an example the printing of photos has decreased, it has dived if compared with the number of photos taken, and we are using photos in digital format. Books are another example. For one, I forgot when it was the …

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A digital resurrection

Some twenty years ago at the Future Centre of Telecom Italia in Venice we were busy developing future scenarios powered by advanced telecommunications and more generally by advanced technology. One of the scenario was about a little kid that used to play with his grandpa through a big screen hung …

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Intelligent Reality

Our world is becoming more and more a melange of bits and atoms. The boundaries between cyberspace and physical space are blurred to the point that we no longer perceive a difference between the two and we are living into a Digital Reality. More than that.The pervasiveness of bits (and …

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An unbelievable display: 10,000 ppi

There is quite a bit of confusion when we talk (and hear) about resolution. Resolution is measured in pixel per inch, that is how many different points are in an inch. On a 4k television you have 3,840 points horizontally and 2,160 vertically. How many per inch? Well that depends …

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