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Virtual clothes, real money

OK, we are “living” more and more in the cyberspace, as an example the printing of photos has decreased, it has dived if compared with the number of photos taken, and we are using photos in digital format. Books are another example. For one, I forgot when it was the …

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Post-Pandemic Scenarios – XI – Digital Fashion

Digital Fashion The FTI’s report presents an interesting scenario on the evolution of fashion: the emergence of digital fashion, flanking the usual one. That this scenario is rot a figment of the imagination can be seen considering that a number of companies, including the big brands, have started to invest …

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The making of a super-model (a virtual one)

Computer graphics and animation graphics have become so good to trick our eyes into believing that what we see is real. Cameron-James Wilson, a British photographer has created his own supermodel, Shudu, that can do the catwalk (in a video…) as well as a real model. The result is actually …

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