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“Perceiver”: getting closer to AGI

A significant progress in AI has been made in the last years thanks to the Transformer (August 2017), a Google software able to understand written text. This has opened up the possibility of tapping to an immense knowledge base available on the Web. It is like saying that we have …

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Eye care? Let AI give a hand

Technology progress in medicine is providing more and more data, which is great. At the same time these data need to be processed and … understood. Take the Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT). It allows an ophthalmologist to look at a patient’s retina with micro-metric resolution, both the surface of the …

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AI for protein folding

Proteins are a crucial component of our body. It is always difficult to make rankings but if you want a ranking I would say that proteins make the number 1 place in terms of importance. A protein consist of long sequence of amino acids,  there are 20 different of them …

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