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Ecosystems 2.0 – VII

Having said that data are the communication infrastructure we (and industry) use to communicate there is the obvious issue of who can ensure the ownership and take accountability for the data. Take the example of an election. More and more it is not about listening to a candidate, rather it …

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Ecosystems 2.0 – VI

When I started using internet, some 30+ years ago, the paradigm was to use connectivity to access data. Web 2.0, and now 3.0, plus Digital Transformation turned this paradigm upside down. Now we use data to be connected. It is the triumph of asynchronous communications over synchronous comm. This does …

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So many Big Brothers… IV

Entertainment It used to be the national television and radio programs and the providers new basically nothing about me (the state, in Italy, knew you had a television set because they charged you an annual “tax” on that). Now, I subscribe to Netflix, to Apple TV, to Amazon Prime, and …

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So many Big Brothers… I

In his Nineteen eighty-four novel Orwell imagined a Big Brother that, using telescreens, was able to see and control people. He wrote it in 1949 and imagined that people were constantly reminded of this by the warnings appearing everywhere “Big Brother is watching you”. Today I feel we are well …

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Another shift in content production

I spent some time today on the Web looking for some latest info on the Data Creation Statistics, in preparation to a series of courses I will be giving on the topic of Digital Transformation and I stepped onto an interesting article by Stephanie Condon on ZDNet (published Nov. 27th, …

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Watch out for that vacuum cleaner!

It is no news at all that data are important and that we are flooded by data. Actually, it is exactly because it is no news that the ever increasing sources of data fall below our perception and that is a problem. Take something like a vacuum cleaner. The Roomba, …

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