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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XII

The automotive sector has adopted Digital Twins technology in the manufacturing to mirror robots in the assembly line. In the last few years it has started to create and use digital twins of the product, vehicles produced. More and more automotive companies are nowadays equipping cars (and trucks) with IoT …

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Paperless Factory

It is probably more than 20 years that I have been hearing about the paperless office. At the turn of the century I was still working in a research centre of a Telecom Operator and there was a general agreement that paper was about to disappear. What I saw what …

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Platooning does not seem a viable business

Daimler, a major player in truck manufacturing, has been pioneering platooning for the last few years. As technology has progressed and made possible -and affordable- the linking of several trucks into a convoy a few manufacturers started exploring the benefits. There should be two main benefits: decreasing drag, hence the …

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