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Awareness, Intention, Sentiment technologies in SAS – V

Intention recognition has developed significantly in fields like security and military. Additionally, it has been considered in health care to help patients with communications disabilities. The aim is to be able to decode people intentions through the observation of their behavior and through analyses of their interactions. Our brain has …

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Why, Why, Why? Yet, AI does not answer

There is something in our human nature that is pressing us to ask “why”. And that stems from the assumption, belief, that there is always a reason why. Once we acquire the idea of cause-effect, normally once we get 3 years old, we will never abandon it. Young kids keep …

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How does a machine think?

We are so used at doing most of our daily activity that we seldom stop to reflect on what goes on in our head. Our senses feed our brain with data and it is up to the brain to make “sense” and take action (actually this is not always true, …

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