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An amazing peek into a fruit-fly brain

The human brain is being studied by big consorzia in project funded by governments in Asia, Europe and US. The Human Connectome is working to develop a complete map of the connectivity network among our brain’s neurones, a seemingly impossible feat. Smaller initiatives are popping up in many places and …

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Jumping into the void: Vitrifixation

In the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative we are looking at human augmentation technologies, including the ones that are at an early experimental stage but might become impactful in the coming decades. Among these we are looking at development in brain to computer interactions, digital twins, artificial intelligence and distributed / …

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Mapping the brain circuitry

Enormous progress have been made in the last twenty years in our understanding of the brain by the discovery of technologies that can provide better and better maps of the brain structure. The Human Connectome project aims at creating a comprehensive map of neural interconnections and has already delivered impressive images of …

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