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Augmented Reality for wearable design

I stumble on this news, that actually is an old one, as I was looking for new application of Augmented Reality. It goes back a long way, to 2015, when it was presented at CHI, the Conference on Human Factors in Computer Systems, I had the pleasure of hosting when …

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AI for dinner

Since humans understood they could plan for “food” through agriculture and livestock the surface of our planet has changed. Some species have spread to become dominant, like rice, wheat, barley … and chicken, cattle, pigs … As shown in the graph, 50% of habitable land is now dedicated to “food”, …

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Seeing through AI

Being locked down at home, courtesy of the epidemic, I spent a few hours trying out a number of apps I downloaded on my smartphone that claim to be able to recognise objects in the surrounding using the smartphone camera and some sort of AI. Overall I had fun, but …

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I don’t know about you but I often wonder as I am talking on the phone to a person I never met how that person would look like. Is the voice pointing to a specific age, to some specific traits? Of course it is in general easy to tell a …

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Using AI to detect animals eyes

Nature has evolved an impressive variety of eyes, not just in shape but also in characteristics. You may want to take a look at this wonderful article, from where I extracted the photos of a variety of eyes, to “see” what animals can “see”. I found it an amazing and …

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A robot to pick up apples from a tree

Ever walked in an orchard and, feeling a bit like Adam, picked up a nice apple? What could be easier than that. You see the tree, all the nice apples hanging around, you just need to choose the one looking nicer, and probably tastier , stretch your arm and you …

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TTM 2018 Overview – II

Keeping on the reporting from TTM 2018. Neuroscience and Brain The evolution of Brain Machine Interfaces is expected to progress at an accelerated pace in the coming decade, thanks to a multitude of research endeavor in many parts of the world. Work is progressing both in the area of non-invasive …

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