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Meet a new hairdresser

I attended a presentation on advanced robotics. Now, if you think I looked at space robots or micro-robots that can perform autonomous surgery inside a human body you are mistaken. What I saw where robots able to carry out very simple things, like combing hair! Before you dismiss this as …

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Can you guess what is this for?

Technology is progressing and this is great. However, sometimes I wonder if this is the progress we are looking for… I stumbled on Ebo Catpal, a robot that, as the name suggests, has been designed to entertain your cat, becoming its pal. Assuming getting a pal for your feline friend …

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AI to cook an omelette?!

We have already seen robots cooking. Robots flipping hamburger (meet Flippy at Caliburger in California), others having a menu of up to 600 dishes (Robochef cooks Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean cuisine) other can prepare cocktails (Tipsy has 60 cocktail recipes up to its sleeve…). We have even seen a fully …

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