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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XVIII

 The future of Digital Twins remains to be written, although what is going on now and what is going to happen in the coming 2-3 years is pretty straightforward.  DTs are a reality in manufacturing and their use will further expand to cover more equipment and processes. The association of …

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Evolution of Digital Twins in Manufacturing

Next week on May 10th, I will be giving a webinar on the topic of Digital Twins evolution and their role in Manufacturing. The webinar is part of a series, Tuesdays from Future, organised by EIT Manufacturing. If you are interested you can join the webinar here. By registering to …

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Cognitive Digital Twins: Ethical and Societal Impacts

In September 2021 I had the opportunity of giving a webinar with Patrick Henz and Derrick de Kerckhove discussing the emerging technology of Cognitive Digital Twins -CDT. CDTs are sort of Digital Twin, embedding knowledge snd able to “execute” that knowledge. The word “execute” is the crucial one, setting CDTs …

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Digital Transformation of … Digital? – IV

The next years will see a growing impact of distributed knowledge, where “distributed” refers both to knowledge owned/embedded in humans, in organizations and in machines. In a way this is nothing new, what is new is the seamless access, actually co-presence of this distributed knowledge to the point where it …

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We are getting smarter!

Few days ago I stumble onto the Flynn effect, the significant -average- growth of the IQ of world population, as shown in the graphic. Basically, it was noticed that in the last century, that is as far as we have data to compare, the intelligence level of the population worldwide …

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Macro changes ahead – V

Executable Knowledge  Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving a keynote at the EIT Manufacturing 2021 Summit Event and I focussed on the trend towards executable knowledge in machines and its impact on the work and factory. Here’s the text of my talk. ======== Smarter Factories, Smarter People Over the …

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Education and Training Metaverse

These last two years have seen millions of students, and million of professionals, taking courses on the web. Remote education has become a way of life for many creating issues to both students and teachers. The basic, and most common, approach has been to create a communication link through the …

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