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Digital Twins’ Future

I have been asked to contribute to a book on Digital Twins, and specifically to provide a Chapter on the Future of Digital Twins. I have started to put together a few ideas and I would like to get feedback, as well as more ideas, on what the evolution of …

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Megatrends for this decade XXII

14. Sense and Know anything, anytime, anywhere This Megatrend is about the never ending explosion of knowledge. This looks like a very recent phenomena, however, if we go back in time and take a broad view we can realize that the growth of knowledge has characterized not just our history …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – XXVI

The Pandemic Impact on the Gig Economy The recent pandemic hit the Gig Economy and possibly changed its evolution in two main ways: Emphasised the critical work environment with low societal protection Boosted the Gig Economy with, possibly, lasting effects Critical Work Environment The insecurity of work intrinsic in the …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – XX

– Improve cooperative working exploiting complementary knowledge CDTs can be considered as active knowledge repositories: the keypoint is “active”. They can establish relations with other CDTs and explore the cyberspace to become aware of new knowledge and how that knowledge complement / obsolete their own knowledge. Within a firm there …

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The economics of the Digital Transformation – XIX

Exploitation of Knowledge Digital Twins Digital twins are used by industry to mirror production processes and products. This mirroring is becoming more and more extensive to cover knowledge aspects. The adoption of Personal Digital Twins to mirror a person knowledge, Cognitive Digital Twin -CDT-is just a natural further step. The …

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