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Planning for the new World – III

Revitalising Global Cooperation We live in a competitive world. The increased effectiveness of communications and logistic infrastructures, the former transporting thoughts, knowledge and ideas the latter goods, components and products has made the world even more competitive than in the past creating a single huge marketplace steering demand and a …

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Planning for the new World – II

Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution We are already in the path of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the one characterised by a merging of the physical, digital and -at least for some- biological world. Personally I tend to limit the characterisation to the merging of physical and digital leaving the merging …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIV

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) III OK, so after having discussed the evolution of API let’s go back to the use of platforms as enabler of the shift from products to services (and ecosystems). The evolution of products is first towards flanking them with add-on services (see graphic …

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Platforms, Present and Future X

7. Knowledge platforms I closed the last post touching on “knowledge” and pointing out that our smartphones, our digital twins, might become knowledge intermediators in our access to the knowledge on the web. This ties in nicely with the last category of platforms I would like to discuss: knowledge platforms. …

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Reality check on 5G

The new Gartner Hype Cycle for 2019 emerging technologies is out and the position of 5G caught my eye. It is right at the top of the curve, meaning it has reached the top of the hype (it is mentioned in 726 million pages according to Google, not as many …

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