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Megatrends for this decade – IX

8. The coming age of AI-Human collaboration what iThis Megatrend is already affecting our life in many ways as well as affecting business. Think about talking to Alexa or Siri: you are actually bringing AI into your everyday life.  Pick up your phone and take a picture: AI is at …

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Symphony of humans and machines or “Modern Times”?

Robots are becoming a ubiquitous presence in factories and warehouses. There are not just “more” robots, they are requiring and establishing a different relationship with human beings, actually I should say with their “co-workers”. This is a step in the direction foreseen by the Symbiotic Autonomous Systems Initiative (now merged …

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Low Latency and Low Power Communications

These two areas are important for Autonomous Systems (if you are interested in technology trends and roadmaps for their application to Autonomous Systems take a look at the White Paper II of SAS). In the White Paper III, in preparation, we are taking a look at present market and its …

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Cobots in Manufacturing

I am working, with several other people, in the preparation of the third White Paper on Symbiotic Autonomous Systems focussing on today’s use, after the first White Paper addressing the Vision and the second detailing the Roadmaps, and I am looking for contribution from industry in addition to the ones …

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Are collaborative robots fading away?

2018 has closed with the demise of Baxter (and Sayer) the first collaborative robots created back in 2012 by Rethinking Robotics. At the end of October 2018 the company announced it was closing down since they failed to be acquired by a bigger robotic company and were no longer able …

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Shall robots pay taxes?

Robots are becoming a growing population on the planet. According to the IFR report 2017 (International Federation of Robotics, issued in 2018) there is an increased growth, and demand for, cobots, collaborative robots and there are signs of demand for symbiotic collaboration between robots and humans. 74% of robots are …

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