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Meeting carbon emission reduction goals

McKinsey has published recently a most interesting report looking at the 2021-2050 period on the expected evolution of road transportation. It addresses several aspects that over the next 3 decades will change the whole road transportation landscape. The shift towards electrical vehicles will take up steam and already now it …

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The many ways towards electric trucks

One thing is clear: the huge amount of trucks needed to transport goods from here to there is staggering and road transport is expected to grow even more in the next 30 years, according to a study by the EU Commission. This does not play well with the goal of …

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“Concrete” action for Climate

Concrete (cement) contributes up to 7% to worldwide carbon emission. The amount of concrete produced is staggering: over 4 billion tons per year, with China accounting for over 50% of the total. This generates (see the graphic) over 1.5 billion tons of CO2. Concrete is the second most consumed substance, …

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Bits are green. Right? Wrong!

Bits seem evanescent: the last photo you took probably was converted into some 50 million bits, the zoom call you just finished, it was a quick one, just 10′,  has brought  2 billion bits to your home (the actual number depends on the number of people in the call and …

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Paperless Factory

It is probably more than 20 years that I have been hearing about the paperless office. At the turn of the century I was still working in a research centre of a Telecom Operator and there was a general agreement that paper was about to disappear. What I saw what …

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Reinventing Steel

The steel industry produces every year 2 billion tons of steel to be used in bridges, building, rail and a variety of other applications. To make steel you need coal, at least that is the way we have been manufacturing steel since it was “invented” around 1800 BC in Anatolia, …

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