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A nice, ugly surprise

It already happened to me twice, and possible to thousands of other people around the world. I got an email with a link, courtesy of Amazon, that told me to look at what happened that day in 2003 (once, the other time was 2002, I seem to remember). I duly …

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Megatrends for this decade – XLIV

This has been a long series of posts, the longest I wrote. The aim in presenting these Megatrends was to stimulate discussion and quite a bit occurred, I received several comments out of some 30,000 views. Wow! That’s why I decided to revise all posts and create an ebook (you can …

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Megatrends for this decade – II

Global Abundance Although we usually hear dark predictions on shortage of food for a world population that keeps increasing, production data tell a different story. As shown in the graphics productions is actually improving faster than the population growth (this is for cereals, it is true for several other areas, …

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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – XIX

The quest for intelligence Networks were born as mechanical systems, not really a surprise if one considers the time of their “invention”. Even the first “robots” were mechanical systems. Intelligence in a mechanical system is not necessarily “null”, the basic building stones for intelligence are present in (some) mechanical systems: …

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Will we go back to the old “normal”?

As the pandemic is entering a second wave in several areas, countermeasures are reinforced and in addition to health renewed concerns we are seeing a mounting fear for the economic situation. Many companies have undergone some hasty restructuring, both internally and externally revising their value chains. The extent of the …

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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers X

World-wide and Vertical-specific platforms The Digital Platforms are for the Digital Transformation what the power lines, highways, railways, ships (and ports, ship-lanes) were for the industrial transformation: they provide the infrastructures supporting the value chain and each player on the value chain. However, the digital platforms have some important difference …

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