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The many faces of Digital Transformation – The Enablers X

World-wide and Vertical-specific platforms The Digital Platforms are for the Digital Transformation what the power lines, highways, railways, ships (and ports, ship-lanes) were for the industrial transformation: they provide the infrastructures supporting the value chain and each player on the value chain. However, the digital platforms have some important difference …

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As real as it CAN get!

Do you remember MS FlightSimulator X, released in 2008? The tag line was “As real as it gets”. Well, next year MS will be back after ten years since its last FlightSim product with a new Flight Simulator that will be “as real as it CAN get”! Now, I know …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIII

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) II I just mentioned in the previous post the relevance given by industry to platforms and ecosystems. Actually, the two are connected or, better, have to be connected to match industry interest. A platform provides its services through APIs -Application Programming Interface. For …

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Transhumanism: Evolving the Human Body IX

Enhanced Intelligence and digital hardware enhancement We are the expression of our genes. However, this expression is influenced by a variety of environmental factors. Take the ability to play piano. Yes there are some people that are more inclined to music (musical ear we say) but it is unlikely that …

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