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6G does not exist, yet it is already here! – IX

Wireless networks are everything but wireless. The “core” part is basically undistinguishable from the wireline network, however, their edges are quite different, of course, comprising base stations, poles, antennas … but still very “fixed” indeed. For many years these edges have been “passive”, dumb. Their role was to convert the …

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Platforms, Present and Future XIII

Platforms as enabler of business (and services) II I just mentioned in the previous post the relevance given by industry to platforms and ecosystems. Actually, the two are connected or, better, have to be connected to match industry interest. A platform provides its services through APIs -Application Programming Interface. For …

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New SSD with 100+ layers enters production

It was September 12th, 1958, when the first integrated chip was demonstrated by Jack Kilby at Texas Instrument (for the record, that first chip was using germanium, not silicon. Robert Noyce few months after that first chip was able to create one based on silicon). It took 12 more years …

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