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GeoEngineering: a double edged sword

Once upon a time American Indians, and few other peoples I suspect, used rain dance to foster rain during drought with random outcome. Same went for prayers to this or that god. Now we have the technology to influence climate. Actually, with the massive use of technology, and unwillingly, we …

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“Concrete” action for Climate

Concrete (cement) contributes up to 7% to worldwide carbon emission. The amount of concrete produced is staggering: over 4 billion tons per year, with China accounting for over 50% of the total. This generates (see the graphic) over 1.5 billion tons of CO2. Concrete is the second most consumed substance, …

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Leveraging on different mix of energy sources

We have been using renewable energy (power, actually) for quite a while. Hydroelectric power pre-date the use of fossil power in industry and in electricity generation. The last 100 years have seen a growth in technologies for generating electricity from other renewable sources, light, wind, tides, geo-thermal and increased application. …

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Planning for the New World – VIII

Strengthening Regional Development This is the closing post of this series. In all previous ones I have considered the World as a single entity, and I pointed out that cooperation is needed, both at the level of a single multinational company (Corporate Governance), at the level of supply and delivery …

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Disruptive Technologies for a smart planet impacting beyond 2040 I

According to the Imperial College foresight study several technologies that are brewing in research labs today are likely to have a disruptive impact on the planet: Planetary-scale spectroscopy, Stratospheric aerosol, Genomic vaccines, Invisibility shields, Factory photosynthesis, New Materials, Fusion Power, 4-dimensional materials, Broadcasting of electricity, Bio-plastic, Pollution eating buildings, Vacuum-tube …

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