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A robot with a bee brain

At the turn of the century (2006) IBM launched a project to map the human brain as a starting point to create a “cognitive computer”. It was clear from the beginning that it was an impossible dream, yet the hope was that pursuing it would increase our knowledge of the computational structures …

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Chips for AI training

For quite some time the “chip” business was restricted to very few companies that were able to invest huge capitals in the design and manufacturing and because of that huge investment required a big market to sell their products. That led to the design and production of “one-size-fits-all”, in other …

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Going beyond impossible: 2nm chip technology

Today’s most advanced  chip technology is based on a 5nm (5 billionth of a meter) thickness of etching. For comparison the first Intel 4040 was using a 10µm technology (2,000 times “thicker”!). Going beyond that raises many issues that have led to the assumption of “close to impossible”. Going below …

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Designing chips for AI

Data Centres are growing in size and processing capacity to manage the increased size and flow of data. As the Clouds they are hosting are evolving to perform more processing intensive tasks and in particular the ones involved in artificial intelligence -training, inferencing- there is an interest for chips that …

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As flat as it gets: the first 2D microprocessor

Chip manufacturers are at work to develop 3D structures that can support ever denser processing and storage capabilities. In February 2017 Toshiba has introduced the first 3D flash chip storage stacking 64 layers, and in April 2017 SK Hynix unveiled a 73 layer 256Gb 3D NAND memory. Yet, as industry …

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