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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XV

The Manufacturing industry has been the first to adopt the technology of Digital Twins. No surprise since the use of CAD for product design and for the shop floor design is rooted in the last century. It was a simple, natural, step to take the digital model produced by CAD …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – XII

The automotive sector has adopted Digital Twins technology in the manufacturing to mirror robots in the assembly line. In the last few years it has started to create and use digital twins of the product, vehicles produced. More and more automotive companies are nowadays equipping cars (and trucks) with IoT …

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DT evolution in Manufacturing – I

In these last few weeks I have been preparing for the webinar I’ll be giving tomorrow, as part of the EIT Manufacturing Tuesday from Future. I came up with a syntheses of the work that has been done within the Digital Reality Initiative that I feel can be of interest …

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Digital Twins’ Future

I have been asked to contribute to a book on Digital Twins, and specifically to provide a Chapter on the Future of Digital Twins. I have started to put together a few ideas and I would like to get feedback, as well as more ideas, on what the evolution of …

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Megatrends for this decade – XVI

b) design through Digital Twins Digital Twins have become an integral part of the manufacturing process, being used both as a tool and as a mirror of the product being manufactured. Actually, several companies are now starting to use digital twins in the design phase and in doing so they …

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Digital Twins: where we are where we go – VI

Technology challenges A digital twin, as mentioned, is composed of a digital model, a digital shadow and a digital thread. Each of these has its own specific technology challenges associated. In addition, we shouldn’t forget that in the coming years a digital twin is bound to extend its capabilities on …

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